Walking Workout at the San Diego Zoo

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The Relax Day Experiment - Week 12The Relax Day Experiment Week 12: Walking Workout at the San Diego Zoo

A busy week ahead … and I’m going straight into work after returning from the fitness convention in L.A. I’m inspired and excited about my next venture! I love attending conferences and continuing education opportunities. Read on below to see how my week went.

Sunday, August 11th:

Today was an awesome final day at the IDEA World Fitness Convention! The day started off with attending the very informational “Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss” presented by Marc Bubbs, ND. That was followed by an inspiring presentation by Jay Blahnik.

After the convention was finished, I drove back to San Diego. It was a great convention, and now I’m happy to be back home and spending more time with Tom! I caught up on some work items before relaxing before work tomorrow.

Day 77 complete. It was a super fourth and final day at the IDEA World Fitness Convention!

Monday, August 12th:

After coaching in the morning, I did some product development and writing, took a nap, and did some work on my business. I coached in the afternoon and ran a couple of errands.

As I did two weeks worth of workouts during the four days at the fitness convention, I’m doing some lighter workouts the next two weeks to allow my body to recover. Today I’m resting from working out.

Then in the evening, Tom and I had fun meeting up with a couple of friends from England who are in town for two days. We ate at the famous Top Gun Restaurant and sat by the piano. Then we caught up with our friends more in downtown San Diego.

Day 78 complete. I had a fun evening in downtown San Diego with Tom and friends!

Tuesday, August 13th:

Tom and I had a lovely morning together and met up with our friends at the San Diego Zoo. We had a fun outdoors workout walking around the large zoo for three to four hours. The walk also helped as recovery from so many intense workouts recently.

Today was my relax day, and I enjoyed some pizza with our friends at one of the restaurants at the zoo.

Tom and I enjoyed spending the rest of our day off together relaxing and having fun.

Day 79 complete. It’s fun working out at the San Diego Zoo!

Wednesday, August 14th:

I started my day with a workout. I did a one-hour strength workout of my creation + 10 minutes full-body stretching on the Power Plate. Afterwards, I worked on my business, did product development, and did some writing.

I coached until 8:15pm and finished some work before relaxing with Tom.

Day 80 complete. A good, busy day!

Thursday, August 15th:

I woke up feeling a little under the weather, so I decided to make my workout lighter by going for a long walk with Tom. Unfortunately, I found out after we returned from our walk that I got the stomach flu from one of my students. I had lots of rest and work in bed today. Hopefully, it will be a quick recovery, as I was already starting to feel better by the evening.

Day 81 complete. Hoping for a quick recovery!

Friday, August 16th:

I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I woke up at 5am and did some work on my business before morning coaching. After coaching, I worked on the 5-day nutrition course I’m doing from Precision Nutrition. I did some writing, product development, and worked on my business.

I did a 30-minute Pilates foam roller and fit ball workout I created + full-body stretching on the Power Plate. I did a lighter workout since my stomach is still a bit funny from the stomach flu the other day. The workout still felt good, though.

I coached again in the afternoon and ran some errands. I worked on my business some more before relaxing with Tom for the evening. I loved that we still had some yummy leftover homemade tomato and basil soup!

Day 82 complete. A super day! I’m happy to be recovering well!

Saturday, August 17th:

I woke up earlier than on a normal Saturday to do some extra work on my business before coaching. I also did writing and product development. After coaching for the day, Tom and I spent time with Chea and a friend. Then we watched a movie at home together and did our workout. We went for a walk for our workout today as our bodies still feel slightly overworked.

Tom and I spent the rest of the evening together and with Chea.

Day 83 complete. A lovely Saturday!

Yay! I’ve completed my 12th week! Another good and productive week!

I have some big events coming up and exciting things happening in the next month! I’ve decided to consider The Relax Day Experiment complete at 12 weeks. Now I’ll start a new experiment.

Results from The Relax Day Experiment

I enjoyed The Relax Day Experiment and was able to successfully follow my plan. I liked having specific days where I always ate healthily except for the relax day. I felt my results from my 6-month experiment were maintained well during The Relax Day Experiment. The day or two directly after the relax day, I sometimes felt slightly bloated. This may have been from gluten. If I were preparing for an event where I needed to look my very best, I would probably follow a plan similar to my 6-Month Nutrition and Fitness Experiment for 2 weeks or more before the event.

Check in next week to find out what my new experiment is!

Be sure to check out my original Relax Day Experiment post for a list of all my posts and recipes!

Plan, Persevere, Achieve
In for the Long Haul
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