Fun with Games, Beaches, and the Zoo!

Dr. Seuss Inspired Fitness for Kids
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Week 13 - My 6-Month Nutrition and Fitness ExperimentWeek 13: Fun with Games, Beaches, and the Zoo!

This week started with a holiday weekend, as it was President’s Day weekend! It was great to work out, spend time with Tom, Will, and Chea, write, and have extra time to get things done. I then had one of my best friends, Clare, arrive from England on Monday to visit for the week! Read on below to see how my week went.

Sunday, February 17th:

I woke up after a good night’s sleep before my alarm went off! This hardly ever happens to me. I finished the book Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not, which is a great book! I highly recommend it, even if you’re already very knowledgeable in the area. The book keeps the important information fresh in your mind and is a good reference. My favorite aspect of the book is about increasing your “financial IQ,” a term used in the book to promote increasing your knowledge in the four key areas of finance that Robert Kiyosaki breaks down.

I then completed my workout of TurboFire Fire 30 Class + 10 minutes of full-body stretching on the Power Plate. Afterwards, I devoted 4 hours to writing and relaxed with my family in the evening.

Day 85 complete. I really enjoyed the book Rich Dad Poor Dad!

Monday, February 18th:

I started the day with my workout of TurboFire HIIT 20 Class + 30 minutes of strength-training exercises + 10 minutes full-body stretching on the Power Plate. I spend much of the day taking care of tasks that needed doing and preparing for Clare’s arrival from London. In the evening, Tom and I went to the airport to pick up Clare! After that, we spent a great evening catching up!

Day 86 complete … a productive & exciting day!

Tuesday, February 19th:

Tom and I took Clare to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which was a wonderful first half of the day! It was our first time there, and it was fun sharing the experience. At work in the afternoon I got to show the Kroc Center Ice to Clare.

In the evening, I did my workout with Clare. In addition to the hours spent walking around the Wild Animal Park, I did TurboFire Fire 45 Class + 10 minutes of full-body stretching on the Power Plate.

After my workout and dinner, we played one of my favorite board games, Cashflow 101. Cashflow 101 is lots of fun, and it’s made to help you get better with your finances every time you play it!

Day 87 complete. It was a fabulous day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park!

Wednesday, February 20th:

My workout today was TurboFire HIIT 25 Class + Sculpt 30 Class + 10 minutes of full-body stretching on the Power Plate. I completed my to-do list and worked until 8:15pm.

Day 88 complete. It was a good, busy day!

Thursday, February 21st:

Tom and I took Clare to the San Diego Zoo today! We spent 3 hours walking around the zoo, and we pretty much made it around the entire zoo. I really enjoy walking at the zoo. It’s so relaxing to see the animals and get in a good walk. I also did the TurboFire HIIT 20 Class + 10 minutes of full-body stretching on the Power Plate.

Day 89 complete. I love the San Diego Zoo!

Friday, February 22nd:

After work in the morning, Tom and I went for a walk with Clare around our lovely neighborhood park. I also completed the TurboFire Tone 30 Class + 10 minutes of full-body stretching on the Power Plate. In the evening, we had a game night with some good friends and Will and Chea. We played a really fun and silly game called Quelf. It was my first time playing Quelf, and I look forward to playing it again. I wish more nights were game night!

Day 90 complete. It was a fun game night!

Saturday, February 23rd:

I started my day with work. In the afternoon, after work and a healthy lunch of quinoa and vegetables, Clare and I made our way to Del Mar beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we walked along the beach and enjoyed the sunset. I then showed Clare the UTC area of San Diego where we used to live, and we had a brief visit to the UTC mall. It was really fun to sort through our photos from the past week later on. I love photos!

Day 91 complete. Is was a great day to walk on the beach!

What a wonderful week! It was very busy having my friend, Clare, visit and keep up my work schedule. It was lots of fun showing Clare around San Diego and doing some sightseeing that I don’t often get to do. I’m proud to say I’ve completed another healthy week of consistent workouts and healthy eating while having a visitor!

Yay! I’ve completed my 13th week out of 26 weeks! I’m halfway through!

Be sure to check out my original 6-Month Nutrition and Fitness Experiment post for a list of all my posts and recipes!

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Dr. Seuss Inspired Fitness for Kids
Top 5 Reasons Why Golf Is a Great Sport for Kids
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