Injury Prevention for Sports: Sports Conditioning

Christina doing personal training with a skater for his sports conditioning.

Christina doing personal training with a skater for his sports conditioning.

This is the fourth of a 5-part series on injury prevention for sports. Sports conditioning is extremely important. It will not only help you be in better shape and have a higher fitness ability to perform better at your sport, but it will also help prevent injuries that are common in your sport.

Sports conditioning is conditioning that’s done in addition to your sport practice. The best and safest way to perform sports conditioning is to have a sports conditioning coach or personal trainer. Your sports conditioning coach or personal trainer can tailor your sports conditioning program directly to your body and its needs.

Sports conditioning can be used for many purposes in a sport. Sports conditioning can benefit any age as long as it’s approved by your coach and physician. The level of difficulty and intensity will vary depending on the age.

Here are some areas a sports conditioning program may target:

Cardio may be used for increased endurance, improved speed, or even weight loss.

Weight lifting may be used for higher levels of strength, muscle building for size, and/or injury prevention or recovery.

Balance and stability training may be used to improve quickness, perfect sport-specific moves, and enhance overall balance and stability. Balance and stability is important for any sport.

Flexibility work is used to enhance the performance of your sport, reduce sore muscles, and prevent muscle strain.

Before you start sports conditioning, speak with your sports coach to see what he or she recommends for you. A lot of sports coaches have personal trainers they recommend or have programs already set up for their students.

Each sport has specific movement patterns that it uses. Many sports have a lot of repetitive movement patterns. Your sports conditioning programs will balance out the other areas of your body that aren’t used as much. This can help prevent overuse injuries and injuries in general. Also, each sport has specific areas that need to be strong, certain areas that need to be flexible, and so forth.

If you aren’t already doing sports conditioning as part of your sport, start including sports conditioning as soon as possible. You will reap the benefits.

Join me for part 5 of Injury Prevention for Sports next week! :)

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