Feeling Good for the Holidays is a Wonderful Thing!

I'm Excited to Continue My Experiment over Christmas!
Day of Silence and Support for Sandy Hook

Week 3 - Feeling Good for the Holidays is a Wonderful ThingWeek 3: Feeling Good for the Holidays is a Wonderful Thing!

It’s so exciting to have Christmas around the corner! This week was interesting and filled with holiday cravings. Read on below to see how my week went.

Sunday, December 9th:

I’m definitely feeling recovered from the flu! I have some slight congestion, but that’s all that’s left. I enjoyed a relaxing but productive day preparing for the holidays.

Today I did the Fire 55 EZ Class + Stretch 10 Class. I felt great doing it and afterwards!

Day 15 complete and ready to take on the week ahead!

Monday, December 10th:

I felt good waking up at 4:30am. I would not naturally wake up at that time without an alarm, though. I rarely can wake up without an alarm even if it’s not an early rise. I’ll be interested to see if this improves as this experiment continues.

Today I did Fire 45 Class + Stretch 10 Class!

Day 16 complete and still feeling good!

Tuesday, December 11th:

I’m so happy I’m doing this experiment! I feel healthy and great physically!

Today I did HIIT 20 Class + 10 minutes of stretching. I’ve started doing my own stretches during the 10 minutes for Stretch 10 Class. I know what stretches are best for my body, so it’s a great opportunity for me to do them.

Day 17 complete and loving life!

Wednesday, December 12th:

Today, Tom and I celebrated 5 years of being together! We’ve been married for over 3 years, but we’ve now been together for 5 years! So cool that it’s on 12/12/12!!!

We celebrated with going to a movie and going to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant! I enjoyed a gluten free Pad Thai and we had some tofu to start.

It was a fun and busy day also with my students performing in the Kroc Christmas Show in the evening. Congratulations to my students for great performances!

This was my rest day from working out.

Day 18 complete … and I feel blessed to have my husband in my life!

Thursday, December 13th:

I had some plain nonfat Greek yogurt. I served it with frozen mixed berries. It was very yummy, and I didn’t get a stomach ache or feel bloated. I will continue experimenting with it to see how I do.

I did HIIT 15 Class + Sculpt 30 Class. Wow. The HIIT 15 class was one of the hardest so far! Surprising since it’s also the shortest workout. It makes sense once I completed it though because it’s intense intervals.

Day 19 complete and feeling strong!

Friday, December 14th:

I started the day off with the Fire 55 EZ Class + stretching for 10 minutes. I love starting my day with a good workout! I find I feel great, positive, and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way!

Day 20 complete, and I love working out!

Saturday, December 15th:

I’ve been receiving candy this week from people who don’t know I’m doing this experiment. So, I’m getting good at passing the candy on to others who want it. It’s tough when I can smell the candy, but I quickly avert my thinking to why I’m doing what I’m doing.

It’s definitely tricky avoiding the holiday temptations, but I do feel proud every time I do it!

I started the day off with Core 20 Class. I’m going to do the Stretch 40 Class tomorrow with the Fire 55 EZ Class.

Day 21 complete and holiday cravings conquered, passing on one piece of candy at a time!

It’s awesome to feel great! I have to admit, I am filled with happy and sad feelings about no Christmas desserts. My mom and I typically make fudge and Christmas cookies. It’s been a tradition since I can remember. I’m looking at it positively, though, because it’s great to start healthy traditions.

Plus, it doesn’t mean I can’t ever have Christmas fudge and cookies again – just not this year. My mom and I are going to find some healthy alternatives for the holidays this year and make some alterations to some of our favorite dishes.

Nut Loaf Recipe

Nut Loaf Recipe

I’m so happy my favorite holiday meal, nutloaf, is already healthy, gluten-free, and dairy-free! I’m very excited to be able to be healthy throughout Christmas and already be healthy when the New Year starts! You’ll find the link to download a free printable nutloaf recipe at my mom’s Living Montessori Now blog: Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes and Family Cookbook.

Be sure to check out my original 6-Month Nutrition and Fitness Experiment post for a list of all my posts and recipes! :)

I'm Excited to Continue My Experiment over Christmas!
Day of Silence and Support for Sandy Hook

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