Do Zumba While Cleaning Your House

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Do Zumba While Cleaning Your HouseDoes cleaning excite you? I know I’m not a person who gets excited about cleaning. However, I do get excited about fitness – especially Zumba!

I’ve always been a busy person, and I was raised in a family who likes to be busy. When it comes to fitting in workouts, that’s a priority for me. My mom feels the same way.

My mom and I love having clean houses, but we found our workouts came first. So we decided to combine cleaning and working out. My mom’s been testing it out to see if it inspired her to clean more often. As her Zumba instructor, I’ve taught my mom many Zumba classes (even on Skype), and she’s learned a lot of the Zumba moves from me.

My mom works out for an hour three times each week. Zumba is her favorite workout (either with me as her instructor or by using Zumba DVDs). We decided to make one of her workouts a cleaning workout where she vacuums, mops wood floors, and dusts while doing Zumba.

This has become a fun way for my mom to do workouts. Plus, her house is looking ever so sparkly! So I want to share with you tips to make your cleaning enjoyable by combining it with dance and Zumba.

1. Go to a Zumba class near you and use some of your favorite moves from that class while you’re cleaning.

2. Buy a Zumba DVD and use the steps you remember – or make a point of learning specific steps to use – while cleaning.

3. Use your hips as much as you can while cleaning. You could have a goal of trying to keep your hips moving the entire time.

4. Play your DVD on a TV or nearby sound system. Or you can use my mom’s technique and play the Zumba music in your head. If you really want to go for it, sing or hum the Zumba music.

5. See how much you can work up a sweat. Try setting a timer for a specific amount of time, and keep on cleaning and dancing until the timer goes off.

Enjoy staying in shape and having a cleaner house! :)

Set Goals throughout the Year
Fitness for Performance - Flexibiltiy
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