Fitness for Kids

Fitness for kids is a key area that can help improve kids’ lives. I’m passionate about helping spread fun fitness for kids! Sharing Fun Workouts for Kids It’s extremely important for workouts to be fun for kids, especially when they are new to physical

Dance Workouts for Kids and Kids at Heart

Fun workouts for kids are very important both for health and for developing a love of working out for life. I created these dance workouts for kids and kids at heart to do just that! Dance Workouts for Kids These workouts are fun for

Celebrating Vitiligo with Dance Workouts

I’ve had Vitiligo since I was 11 years old. It has spread to much of my body over the years. Because of vitiligo, I am more accepting of myself and others. Having vitiligo has made me a better person!   More Vitiligo Posts You

Toddler Personal Trainer {Funny}

My 19-month-old niece, Zoey, is an awesome personal trainer! Watch this funny video and see for yourself! 😉 Toddler Personal Trainer {Funny} Video Watch the Toddler Personal Trainer {Funny} Video! Favorite Personal Trainer Jumping is one of Zoey’s favorite things right now. She absolutely

What’s On Fit Body Full Life TV?

We are celebrating breaking 200,000 views on our Fit Body Full Life YouTube channel! If you haven’t checked out Fit Body Full Life TV over at Youtube yet, please go check it out. View, share and subscribe to help spread the word. Christina posts

Valentine’s Day Fitness Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is approaching! This is a wonderful and romantic time for couples. Here is a gift guide to help with Valentine’s Day fitness gift ideas. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (at no cost to you). 10 Valentine’s Day Fitness Gifts Wireless Bluetooth

5 Valentine’s Day Couples Workouts

Working out as a couple is fun, and it can help a relationship grow even closer. Working out together also requires communication, which helps improve one of the most important relationship skills. These Valentine’s Day couples workouts can be done leading up to, on

Top Goal Setting Tips

We all know that setting goals is important to achieve what we want. After all, you can’t hit a target you can’t see. Photo Credit: / 123RF Stock Photo Goal Setting Goal setting can be many things … exciting or scary, daunting or energizing. Use these tips