Create a Fruit Pirate Ship for a Healthy Treat

Avast, ye land lubbers! This pirate ship made entirely of fruit is perfect as a fun and healthy family activity. You can make it as a centerpiece for a kids’ pirate theme party, a family activity for International Talk Like a Pirate Day September

Core Workout for Couples and Friends

This workout for couples and friends is all about core strength. These are fun and effective exercises to challenge your core muscles. The Core Workout Christina and I always have so much fun making these workouts. We really hope you enjoy watching them and performing them! The

At-Home Fitness Solutions: Pain-Free Shoulders

Having healthy and pain-free shoulders is the ideal goal. Preventing shoulder pain and injury is the best way to do this! Learn how to prevent shoulder issues through increasing strength and stability as well as releasing muscle tension. Perhaps you’re lucky and have experienced pain-free

Free Printable – It’s Fair Word Art

In golf everybody experiences errant bounces, ridiculous lies and abnormal weather conditions. So the playing field always levels out eventually. Once you understand this, your luck won’t seem so bad. Life is the same. It’s tough and it isn’t fair. But this is true for

Free Printable – Don’t Give Up Word Art

Continuing my series of free printable word art: “You can achieve anything you want as long as you don’t give up”. Just like the others in the series, this quote is true for golf and true for life. If you endeavor to never give