Juicing Books You Should Read

Some of these juicing books are full of awesome recipes while others tell stories of lives that have changed dramatically since discovering juicing. Whatever you are looking for, these books are perfect to thumb through with a nice chilled glass of veggie juice! Copyright: /

Garden Cocktail Juice Recipe

This super juice recipe has a big selection of fruit and vegetables, many of which can be grown in your own garden. It has a light taste but packs a big health food punch!   Garden Cocktail Juice Recipe Juice items in this order

A Delicious Way to Enjoy Juice

Do you have days you just don’t feel like plain vegetable juice? When I first started vegetable juicing, there were days I didn’t want just plain juice. I got creative with one of my favorite snacks and combined it with vegetable juice. The result

5 Ways to Get Your Juice On

Are you wondering how you to fit a vegetable juice a day into your busy schedule? When will you make the juice? Where will you get it? 5 Ways to get your juice on will help you with different ways you can get juicing

5 More Reasons to Get Juicing

If you need any more reasons to add some vegetable juice into your diet, you can find one here! Here are five more reasons to boost your micronutrient intake with daily juice. Juice can be an easy way to get kids to get a

Dice Fitness Game

Are you looking for a fun way to workout with your friends or family? With the dice fitness game you can each get a good workout in, play a game, and have fun in the process! Created Especially for You I know how fitness

5 Tricks for Holiday Season Workouts

Are you struggling to get your workouts in? Are the holidays taking up all your spare time and your workouts getting pushed out? Help is on the way! Here are 5 tricks for getting holiday season workouts in no matter what! You’re So Busy The

5 Reasons to Get into Juicing

Why should you start juicing fruit and vegetables? Here are five great reasons to drink your way to 5-a-day!     Juicing could be the easiest way to get your 5 fruits and vegetables a day. We all know we should eat more fruit

Raw Red Power Juice Recipe

Red juice can be just as awesome as green juice. This juice is delicious and refreshing. With chard, beets, carrot and cucumber, this juice recipe is a nutrient powerhouse! Raw Red Power Juice Recipe Juice these ingredients in the following order for the best

Ten 20-Minute Workouts

20-Minute workouts are a favorite for quick and effective workouts. Here are ten 20-minute workouts to start your day off right, for a midday pick-me-up, or to finish off a good day! Quick Workouts: Ten 20-Minute Workouts Here are ten 20-minute workouts you can try! 1.